What you're signing up to

G7 Presidency Accreditation Terms & Conditions

Any breach or failure to comply with the terms and conditions outlined below may result in the immediate withdrawal of your accreditation and access to any G7 event.

  • All accreditation remains the property of the G7 Presidency Taskforce (Cabinet Office) who reserves the right to withdraw accreditation at any point without having to declare a reason.
  • Accreditation is only to be used for the G7 Presidency Events in 2021 and must not be used for any other purpose or business.
  • Accreditation is non-transferable and cannot be sold.
  • Accreditation is only valid to the person it has been granted for.
  • Accreditation must be shown upon request at the Summit and any other Presidency event. The access pass must be visible and displayed at all times and provides access to a specific location or zone.
  • For security reasons it is strictly prohibited to post photographs of accreditation and access passes prior to the Summit or any G7 event on the internet, including any social media websites.
  • The creation of any duplicate accreditation or access pass is strictly prohibited.
  • Accreditation will be void if the attendee’s information supplied is not accurate or complete.
  • You must notify the G7 Presidency Taskforce immediately by emailing (g7presidency@glasgows.co.uk) if your accreditation pass is lost or stolen and there is no guarantee that it will be replaced.
  • By submitting and applying for accreditation you are deemed to have agreed to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions.